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we love older dogs

we happily board older dogs with many temperaments


      Hi I'm Debby, founder of I Said Woof. With over 40 years experience with dogs and 26 years training guide dogs, I decided to set up I Said Woof, and use my knowledge to help others with their canine related issues! after years of helping people with their dogs behaviour issues, we have now started boarding your Oldies at home, when you go away


      Here at I Said Woof, we will treat you and your dog as an individual!

      We don't board any old dog  :) - just the dogs we have met and learned about.

      We listen to you and ensure your dogs' needs are met during its holiday!

      Isaidwoof believes if we understand your dog, then we get so much more out of being with them: Treating your dog in the wrong way can cause a lot of stress - with stress comes fear - an emotion in dogs that is largely misunderstood. When dogs get scared they may bark-growl-bite and this can often easily be avoided just by understanding your dog a bit better - and learning to see how they are feeling by reading their body language.

      If we shout at our dogs, we cause them to be fearful, as they don't understand our anger, and therefore they either protect themselves, ( possibly react in a way we don't understand but that helps them to feel better ) or shut down and do nothing.  Not a happy dog. 

      A few sessions with I Said Woof could be just what you need to make life easier…so contact us today to see how we can help!

      Debby regularly attends seminars to keep up to date with the latest findings in the canine world.

      Debby also has a Diploma in Canine Psychology (through the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour Ltd )  and is a Canine Practitioner


      Debby is a professional member of the Dog Welfare Alliance.


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